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Partners 101 | Your Role as a Kingdom Investor

07/06/2023 • Other

WE are Partners – a diverse, gospel-focused community united by our commitment to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

When you become a Kingdom investor, you are doing your part in bringing the gospel to all nations. But it does come with a few responsibilities: give to Partners, pray for local leaders, advocate for our vision, and invite others to join.

By giving financially, you directly support the identification and investment of leaders around the world. Your resources fuel their efforts to bring the life-changing message of Jesus to those who have yet to hear and respond to the gospel. Through your prayers, you uplift and support these leaders, knowing that prayer has significant power.

By advocating for our vision, you spread awareness and inspire others to join our cause. Inviting others to be Kingdom investors expands our network and transforms even MORE lives with the gospel.

As a Kingdom investor, your involvement matters. You are not just a financial supporter, but an essential part of our global work. By giving, praying, advocating, and inviting others, you help fulfill our vision: one soul, one community, one nation at a time.

Now is your chance to invest in God’s Kingdom work, to witness the growth of the gospel in every nation, and to make a lasting impact. The only thing holding you back is you—so let us go and multiply the impact of the gospel together!

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