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Young Leaders at Work

06/27/2022 • Central Asia

Every year, some of our indigenous leaders in Central Asia provide Bible camps for local youth. They teach a foundation of the Christian faith, train potential leaders to make disciples of Jesus and equip them with resources for future ministry. Over the years, these camps have produced many indigenous leaders who are making disciples in their communities today. 

Dinara is a young woman who attended one of our camps in this region. It was at this camp where she understood the gospel and had an encounter with God for the first time. She decided to place her faith in Jesus and dedicate her life to serving Him. 

In the following weeks, Dinara spent more time learning from mentors, met with other believers, and attended youth ministries. She loved learning about God’s Word and wanted to share this truth with others!  

After graduating from high school, Dinara volunteered to serve as a counselor at the same camp where she placed her faith in Jesus. She yearned to give back something of what she had received. She is passionate about helping other children and teens learn about God, experience His unending love for them, and receive the gift of salvation through Jesus.  

Continue to pray for indigenous leaders in Central Asia, like Dinara, who are dedicated to sharing the gospel and making disciples.  

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