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With God, Anything is Possible 

Our indigenous leaders are seeing success in advancing the gospel to Muslims in Morocco. Hazaz was one of those Muslims. 

Hazaz was an adulterer who was addicted to drugs. When he first heard and believed the gospel, he was excited to read a Bible of his own. With tears in his eyes, he asked, “How do I read it? Where do I start?” Our team suggested reading the New Testament and meditating on Psalm 23. 

After two weeks, Hazaz started memorizing Psalm 23. He loved it so much that he asked our team how he could pray like David. Today, he passionately studies Scripture and always has questions about Jesus and his relationship with Him. 

Overtime, Hazaz truly knew Jesus as his Savior and was passionate about being baptized. He boldly proclaims that nothing can stop him from believing in Jesus and following His Word. Baptism is his next step to growing his relationship with Him! 

Today, Hazaz is sharing his faith with his family and friends. His passionate heart longs for every person he knows to experience the freedom he has found in Jesus. If God could turn his life around, Hazaz knows that with God, anything is possible. 

Join us in praying for Hazaz’s continued growth in Christ and boldness to proclaim the Word of God. May God spark a fire in many other Muslim background believers to boldly share the name of Jesus with their own people who are seeking the Truth. 

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