Partners 101 | What does GO & MULTIPLY mean?

07/06/2023 • Other

Jesus’s last words to His disciples were clear: “make disciples of all nations”. At Partners, we are driven to bridge the gap between this spiritual call and tangible action. It’s not enough to simply acknowledge the command; we must actively engage in fulfilling it.

Just as the disciples went to fulfill this commission, today as Jesus followers, we too are called to step out in faith. When God calls, are you willing to answer?

Partners has taken this call to action as our literal purpose. There are over 7,900 unreached people groups, totaling more than 3 billion individuals, who have no access to the gospel. These groups reside in remote areas where Christianity is rare and proclaiming Jesus as Lord is often illegal.

As your faith is likely at the forefront of your life, you understand the significance of Jesus’s final directive to make disciples of ALL nations. These are the areas where most Western people cannot share the gospel. So, how are YOU bringing the gospel to all nations?

By giving to Partners, you are not just a donor. You become an investor… a Kingdom investor! Together with our network of local builders, we can go forth and multiply the impact. Your investment identifies leaders and amplifies gospel growth. It’s a tangible way to fulfill the call and bring hope to those who have yet to hear.

You have an opportunity to equip more leaders so that one can become 10 Jesus followers. 10 can grow to 100, and 100 will become hundreds of thousands more. 

This is where your role as a Kingdom investor becomes crucial. While you may not be able to physically go to these remote people groups or you may never meet the faces you have impacted with your support, we know that your investment helps bring the gospel to people who do not have access.

Investing in God’s Kingdom work through Partners is an opportunity to make a tangible impact in fulfilling the call to make disciples of all nations. Our organization has been advancing the gospel among the least reached for decades, and now we invite YOU to join us in the WE at Partners.

By investing with us, you will witness firsthand what real gospel growth looks like. Together, we can bring the hope of Jesus to thousands upon thousands of souls each year. The only thing holding you back is your decision to embrace this opportunity.

Remember these words “go forth and multiply.” Let us be bold, results-driven, and unwavering in our commitment to advancing the Kingdom of God. The time to answer the call is now.

Are you ready to invest in God’s Kingdom work?

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