The Heart of Forgiveness 

10/27/2022 • East & West Africa

Women leaders in East and West Africa host women’s outreach meetings in an effort to help women see their value in God’s eyes and worth as a person. At these meetings, they discuss topics like hope, love, forgiveness and peace, all while tying it back to Jesus. The women feel encouraged and seen as they learn about a God who loves them deeply.  

Marieme attended the women’s meetings in Senegal. She faced a lot of hardship at home and had become very bitter. Marieme wanted to retaliate, but in the meetings, she learned about God’s kind of forgiveness and about loving your neighbor. With God’s help, she decided to let it go and forgive. 

She felt so relieved as the heavy burden was taken off her. She thanks God for opening her eyes, taking her anger and hatred away, and showing her the true meaning of forgiveness. 

Our indigenous leaders are encouraged to see true life transformation happening through these meetings. They are seeing the fruit of their labor and know that these women are really understanding biblical concepts.  

Many of these women are afraid to publicly claim their faith, but the Word truly burns in their hearts. Join us in praying for these women to declare their faith and share the good news with their families and communities. We are believing for revival in East and West Africa.  

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