The God of Reconciliation

03/02/2022 • Central Asia

The name of Jesus can reconcile and bring peace. People are desperate for the hope found in Jesus, and He is using leaders to help advance His gospel in Central Asia. 

A couple in Central Asia recently received training to share their faith, and they felt called to become missionaries in their own country. On their travels from town to town, they met Assel and Burul, a mother and daughter who had a difficult relationship. Assel, the mom, was an alcoholic, and Burul, the daughter, wanted nothing to do with her. 

After this couple shared the gospel with the mom, she accepted Jesus. They wanted to help reconcile her with her daughter, but the daughter refused. Assel decided to write her daughter a letter to explain herself, ask for forgiveness, and tell her daughter that she loved her. This was the first time Assel had ever told her daughter that she loved her! After reading the letter, Burul’s heart softened towards her mom. She finally decided to give her mom a chance.  

Burul saw a significant heart transformation in her mom which led Burul to faith in God as well. As Assel works on her sobriety, it’s not easy, but she relies on God for strength. She has grown so much in her faith that her family has seen significant internal and external change. 

Since this family has reconciled and started following Jesus, their neighbors have seen transformation in their behavior. Assel and Burul are full of joy and love found in Jesus. They started sharing the gospel with their townsfolk and have led several others to become Jesus followers. 

This is the difference your investment makes. As our indigenous leaders are equipped to further advance the gospel, people like Assel and Burul are meeting Jesus for the first time. 

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