Taking a Risk for Christ

Adilah, a young woman from Morocco, grew up in a conservative Muslim family. Her father is the Imam of the local mosque. While she followed the traditions of Islam, she frequently had questions for her father and wasn’t always convinced by his answers. Adilah had an inkling that something was missing.

This year, Adilah moved to another city to study at university, renting a place with her cousin. This freedom gave her the ability to do internet research. She found a Bible and began to read it, comparing it to the Qur’an.

As she pored over the scriptures, she found answers to questions she had been holding in her heart for years. She couldn’t deny it any longer, she knew Jesus was and is the Savior and she placed her trust in Him. Through the internet, she met some of our local leaders. Adilah asked them questions about the Bible and started growing in her knowledge of the Word.

During this time, her cousin noticed she was reading the Bible and her attitude toward Islam had changed. So Adilah’s cousin asked her, “Are you a Christian?” Adilah readily answered, “Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world from sin and judgment.”

Her cousin didn’t like this answer and immediately called Adilah’s family to tell them she had converted to Christianity. Her father, furious, traveled to the university and confronted her. He asked if she was a Christian; she answered, “Yes.”

He kicked her out of their family. She didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, our local leaders are working in this region to lead people like Adilah. They helped disciple her and get her back on her feet. They are leading Adilah to understand that God has a beautiful plan for her life and her story is one filled with grace. Adilah’s new life in Christ has just begun and we are believing for many more like her.

Name changed for security.

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