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Sowing into Women’s Lives

05/09/2024 • Southeast Asia

Over the past year, one of our partners in Indonesia saw 50 people come to faith in Jesus Christ and were baptized. Praise the Lord! Can you imagine that? In a country where persecution is high and there are cultural pressures, 50 people were eager to publicly show their dedication to their new faith.

Of those new believers, some of the women started sewing classes to support their families and teach other women to sew. These sewing classes have been great ministry opportunities. Since the class is made up of baptized believers, they always begin class with a Bible study. They discuss ways they can reach out to their family, friends, and neighbors, share prayer requests, and pray for one another. It’s a beautiful time of fellowship and growth in their Christian walk.

Bianca’s husband was one of the 50 people who came to faith last year. He shared the Gospel with his wife, and she too put her trust in the Lord. Bianca was taken with the story of how Jesus died for her sins and if she believed in Jesus as her Savior and Lord, she could have a guarantee of forgiveness of sins and a guarantee of going to heaven.

As a new believer, Bianca heard of the women’s sewing class and asked if she could join. She was welcomed with open arms. She found a loving community of women where they would talk about the Bible and learn how to share the Gospel with others.

In time, six of the women, including Bianca, opened sewing businesses in their homes. She said this has been a big financial blessing for her family. Since she lives in a remote village where money is scarce, sometimes she gets paid with rice or other produce from their fields. “I’m so grateful to the Lord for saving my husband and me and for caring for my family in ways I never dreamed could happen,” she said.

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