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Physical and Spiritual Salvation

05/31/2022 • Southeast Asia

Vikal is a farmer and plantation owner in Southeast Asia. One of our indigenous leaders shared the gospel with him, and Vikal believed and placed his faith in Jesus. He was so eager about his new faith that he was baptized, joined ministry trainings and started sharing the gospel with his family. Only some of his family placed their faith in Jesus. 

Vikal was disappointed that the rest of his family and his best friend were not receptive to Jesus, but he did not lose hope! He and our indigenous leader planned to share the gospel with them at dinner that evening. After talking about their faith at dinner and having long conversations about Jesus, Vikal’s entire family and his best friend came to faith and were baptized that very day! 

After becoming a believer, Vikal’s friend shared that his brother, Ajij, had been severely sick for several months. He sought treatment from shamans, Muslim teachers and doctors, but his condition only worsened. Vikal and his friend told him that Jesus had the ability to save him physically and spiritually. He was surprised at this information because had never heard the gospel before. 

After asking more questions and understanding who Jesus really was, he wanted to place his faith in Jesus. As he did so, he says he experienced a calm and peaceful sensation in his heart. The next day, a Muslim shaman came to perform rituals on Ajij, but Ajij told them now that he had Jesus, he did not need anything else. 

Sadly, Ajij passed away later that day. Our indigenous leaders were concerned that Ajij’s family would be upset that Jesus did not heal him, but they were thankful that Ajij was healed through salvation in Jesus. Although Ajij was not physically saved, the family had peace knowing Jesus intervened in their story at the perfect time. 

Because of the work of God and the faith of one indigenous leader, two families found salvation in Jesus. They continue to grow in their faith, share the gospel with other families and gather as a house church.

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