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Pastor Kato Released from Prison

03/04/2022 • East & West Africa

In August 2018, Pastor Kato and three other pastors were arrested in South Sudan and falsely accused of organizing a mass stoning of a woman. After years of frustration and patience, working with different lawyers to bring their case to court and hearings getting pushed back, this case seemed hopeless. There seemed to be people working behind the scenes, preventing the pastors from being released. But God had other plans! 

Three and a half years later, on January 30, 2022, Pastor Kato and the three others were finally released from prison and reunited with their families! During his persecution and trials, Pastor Kato always tried to remain joyful, but now he truly cannot stop smiling. The joy of the Lord is truly his strength.  

Looking back over the past few years, Pastor Kato never doubted God’s faithfulness. Knowing that God does not make mistakes, he viewed prison as his new field of ministry. Despite the hardships and persecution, Pastor Kato led more than 23 people to faith in Jesus. He held Bible studies for more than 50 inmates. Discipling them was a special joy as he knew that when they were released, they would share their faith with even more people. We can only imagine how many people are hearing the gospel through the multiplication of Kato’s ministry!  

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Pastor Kato over these years. Looking back, God’s faithful hand is so evident in his entire story. Join us as we continue to pray for Kato and the three other pastors as they acclimate to life outside of prison, reunite with their family and communities, and get treated for physical problems due to persecution they received in prison. 

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