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Once the Capital: Now a Ghost City

05/09/2024 • East & West Africa

The former capital city of Khartoum has become a ghost town with public buildings, hospitals, schools, utilities, museums, anything to do with the government destroyed. Many thousands of people, Muslims and Christians alike, have been killed. Millions have fled to neighboring countries, only to end up merely existing in a crowded refugee camp, their only possessions what they carried with them. God protected our partner’s churches, and 30 to 40 people meet when possible for worship in three of the locations. But some believers’ homes were destroyed as well as the women’s training center with the sewing machines and computers were stolen. For those who could not flee Khartoum, the situation is almost unbearable. South Sudanese leader, Rev. Jala, shared how it is for many: “People still in Khartoum are starving because there’s no water and no food in the stores. People are smuggling food in, but if a family member goes looking for bread and water, he or she may never return home. The situation is tough. It’s beyond our understanding. We don’t know when peace will come.”


Then Rev. Jala threw a different light on a hopeless situation. He said that the very Muslims who used to persecute Christians are now as desperate as the believers, only without hope in Jesus! “Though we don’t want war, the very people who wanted to kill the Christians have become refugees and are themselves suffering and needy. They too lost everything they owned and have become vulnerable. God brought the mission field to us. We are helping those we can. Many of them have turned to faith in Jesus Christ. The opportunities are huge before us right now.”

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