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Men and Women in Pakistan

08/24/2022 • Central Asia

 Pakistan is a strict Muslim country with high persecution of Jesus followers. In the midst of fear, men and women are responding to the gospel of Jesus and gathering to worship God. 

Fazli is a Pakistani man of Muslim background. A friend shared the gospel with him, and the message of Jesus stuck with Fazli. He could not stop thinking about the stories and wanted to learn more. 

Then one day, Fazli said he wanted to pray to Jesus, and he was immediately overcome with a sense of God’s presence. For the first time, Fazli felt true peace, and in that instance, he placed his faith in Jesus. He was excited to be baptized that very day. 

After a few days of not attending mosque for prayer, Fazli’s family started to question him. Fearing rejection and even persecution, Fazli was in a dilemma. He did not have the courage to share his transformation with his family, so Fazli continued to pray at the mosque, but in his heart, he would pray to Jesus! 

Fazli’s family noticed a change in him – he had a sense of peace and purpose about him. In time, Fazli gained the courage to share his faith with one cousin who also placed his faith in Jesus. Fazli and his cousin started to meet secretly to pray. Over the span of a year, they shared their faith with several of their friends who all became Jesus followers. Right there in a small city in Pakistan, a small worship group was forming. 

These men were burdened with the fact that their wives and children were not believers, and they started sharing the gospel with them. When Fazli shared his life transformation with his wife, she too placed her faith in Jesus! He encouraged her to tell her friends about the gospel. She started sewing classes for the local women to gather. After a few months, several of those women put their faith in Jesus as well. 

From the faith of one man, a mini revival broke out in their town and today, a group of believers meets regularly for worship and fellowship. They are committed to sharing the gospel with their friends, family and community. This is just a small glimpse at the beauty of the multiplication of the gospel. One person grows to two people, and two people flourish into ten. Imagine the day when ten grows to 10,000 or 10,000,000 people! 

Because of your generosity, Partners is able to financially support indigenous leaders, like Fazli and his family. Today, his wife’s ministry has five sewing centers with dreams and plans to expand their work to other cities in their country. When you give to the Partners Fund, you are giving us the opportunity to invest in people like Fazli and his wife. We can pray and pre-invest in future sewing centers and future lives changed!

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