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Meet Zahra

02/02/2022 • Children's Initiative

East and West Africa

Thirteen-year-old Zahra comes from a family of devout Muslims. In their community, the norm is for parents to keep their daughters at home and prepare them to be brides soon after they reach puberty. Zahra’s family defied this social norm and faced much opposition by sending Zahra to school.

Zahra was frequently sent home with school fees in the first few years of her education. But one day, her family heard about a local school run by one of our partners where she could receive help to cover school expenses. Immediately they looked into it and gladly switched schools as soon as possible. They were relieved and grateful that the burden of school fees didn’t plague them anymore.

Zahra is a gifted student, an active defender of her classmates, and enjoys reading and creative writing. She aspires to be a gynecologist because she’s heard what many women suffer during childbirth and her area lacks these specialists. Her mother is pleased that although she could never receive a formal education herself, her daughter will be better informed and empowered to contribute to her community. 

In an area where she may otherwise never have heard about Jesus, Zahra is learning about God’s love for her. This is the goal of the Children’s Initiative—to see children grow, thrive and learn about Jesus.

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