Meet Tri

02/02/2022 • Children's Initiative

Southeast Asia

Tri’s family are the only Jesus followers in a small Muslim village in Southeast Asia. His father, who was a Muslim, died when he was young. After that, Tri struggled to listen to his mother, started smoking, and quit school. One of Tri’s older brothers is a Jesus follower, and although he works in another city, he does his best to support his mother and siblings.

Despite the hardship and struggle his family went through, Tri found himself introduced to a Christian youth group in the area run by some of our indigenous leaders. Through the youth group and listening to Bible teaching, Tri learned about Jesus. He realized that Jesus is God, could cleanse him of his sins, and he could trade his old life of sin for a new life in Christ. Tri decided to follow Jesus!

His life was transformed when he became a Jesus follower. He stopped smoking. He went back to school and is now in 8th grade. He is more patient and helps look after his younger siblings. He enjoys praying and reading the Bible his teacher gave him. He’s curious, asking his teacher questions if he finds a passage he can’t understand. His mother leads Tri and his younger siblings in worship and learning the Word at home. They faithfully follow Jesus in this Muslim village.

We thank God for the transformation Tri has experienced in Jesus, and we ask God to meet this family’s needs and give them strength as they bring the light of Jesus to their community. This is advancing the gospel to the least reached.

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