Meet Ishir

07/14/2022 • Children's Initiative

Partners’ children’s initiative provides a faith-based education for children who could not otherwise attend school. Children enrolled in the program benefit from school supplies and support including textbooks, monthly tuition, backpacks, uniforms and yearly admission fees. The program can also provide medical support that covers doctors’ visits and the cost of medications. Ishir is a child from India who has been blessed by this program. 

Ishir had a difficult upbringing. His father could not maintain a stable job to support his family. His inability to provide left his father in depression, until one day his dad never returned home. Since then, his mom has been the caretaker and provider for Ishir and his older brother. 

After his dad left, Ishir and his brother found jobs to help their mom provide. While working, Ishir and his brother entered our sponsorship program and were able to receive an education. He is now in the 10th grade and has a passion for photography. He is gifted and aspires to become a professional photographer when he graduates.

This program has been a huge blessing for Ishir and his family. Prior to this opportunity, Ishir’s mom could not imagine sending her sons to school. This support has helped alleviate financial burdens and has helped set up Ishir and his brother for great success in their future careers!

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