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Meet Hibo

02/13/2023 • Children's Initiative

Hibo is blessed to attend school in the Horn of Africa, thanks to support through our Children’s Initiative. She comes from a poor family in a marginalized community that makes it nearly impossible for girls to attend school. Some of her family members do not see the value in education and prefer to marry her off to a wealthy man who could help their family. 

But Hibo’s mother believes in God and fights for her daughter’s education. She insists that Hibo remain in school through completion; then she can decide when to get married. Hibo is inspired by her mother’s tenacity and wants to work hard to complete her studies well and make her parents proud. She plans to work hard and secure a well-paying job to help her family out of poverty.  

The financial support Hibo receives to stay in school is a big blessing and encouragement to her. A few years ago, when Hibo’s parents struggled to cover school fees, she ended up missing a few weeks of school, putting her behind in her studies. She knows other kids who had to drop out because of the fees, and they ended up causing mischief and getting in trouble with the law. Hibo is proud to be a good example and role model for her peers by staying in school.  

Hibo thanks God every day for this opportunity and answer to her prayers. She knows that a good education will give her more opportunities to support her family. She has faith that God is with her and will enable her to make it through all her studies.  

Join us in prayer for Hibo and the other children at this school in East Africa. This is what the Children’s Initiative is about, helping children focus on their studies and learn about Jesus. 

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