Meet Gathii

07/18/2022 • Children's Initiative

Gathii had a difficult childhood in his Kenyan village. He comes from a divorced family as his dad physically abused his mom. To preserve her life and raise her children, Gathii’s mother took her two young children and ran away. Because of this, his father refused to support his children in any capacity. 

Gathii spent a year living at home in despair. His sister, a believer, was his strength and prayer warrior during this time. She encouraged Gathii and told him to trust God for a scholarship opportunity in the local school. One day, Gathii gathered the courage to talk to the school administrator. After listening to Gathii’s heartfelt story, the administrator granted him acceptance into the school.

Throughout his painful story, God was teaching Gathii to trust Him. He may have lost a year of education while living at home, but Gathii is thriving now in his new school environment. People are welcoming him, and he feels God’s deep love and care for him. 

Now, Gathii feels encouraged to share his testimony with others and challenges people to put their trust in Jesus. As he studies, he feels called to become a nurse. He desires to care for his mom and people in his community who are struggling with poverty, malnutrition and poor health.

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