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Meet Dea

11/02/2022 • Children's Initiative

Dea is a grade 12 student in Indonesia. She loves to share how her family came to faith in Jesus as well as her own experience as a believer in Jesus Christ, but it hasn’t been an easy journey.  

Her parents came to faith in Jesus in 2009. Their relatives were not believers, so her family was kicked out of their house and had to move far away. Dea’s parents worried about many things, but they depended on God and by His grace, they continued to grow in love and faith.  

Then, in 2013, Dea’s mother decided to be baptized. Dea observed her mother and noticed that when she faced a problem, she would pray instead of asking other people for help. Dea observed her mom being faithful, and her parents started leading a house church.  

Before coming to know Jesus, Dea lacked confidence and often argued with her parents. But, through her parents’ example and interacting with others at school, Dea came to know Jesus. Now she is kind, helps her parents, and likes to talk to others about Jesus. She knows the debts of her sins are paid and she is forgiven through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. 

Dea is now involved in a local youth group, leading in worship, Bible study and prayer. Praise God for the transformation in Dea’s life! Join us in praying for Dea’s family, that they would remain faithful and for their relatives to come to life in Jesus. 

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