Meet Chan

02/14/2023 • Children's Initiative

Chan and his older brother receive support from the Children’s Initiative to attend school in Southeast Asia. Their father passed away when Chan was only one, and they grew up without much. A few years ago, their mother connected with a school run by one of our partners, and her children started school.   

Sadly, Chan’s mother passed away shortly after that, and the family turned away from the two boys because they were now orphans. But to Chan and his brother, school became a family to them. The teachers didn’t turn them away, but cared for them, providing extra support on top of their education. The teachers treated them like a mother would and shared stories of Jesus every day. They  are teaching Chan and his brother to rely on God, not on people.  

Chan hangs on to God’s promises, that He will never leave orphans alone. His life has been changed by attending this school, and his goal is to get a good job after he graduates to be able to help other orphans. He is growing up under the grace of God and good teaching.  

Please pray for Chan and his brother, along with the other children receiving support and care through this school in Southeast Asia. May the Lord bless the teachers and staff to continue sharing Jesus with these precious children.   

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