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Meet Berik

02/09/2023 • Children's Initiative

Berik, a teenager in Central Asia, was a self-proclaimed atheist. Years ago, he saw his friend die from accidentally touching a broken electrical wire, and he decided God couldn’t exist because He didn’t save his friend. Recently, Berik was invited by a friend to a camp to learn about Jesus. The first few days of the camp, he held on to his beliefs that God could not exist, but he continued attending and listening. God was softening his heart.  

After two days, he heard a talk about the imperfect laws of society and the perfect laws of God, and his thinking started to change. He heard the Word of God and the true gospel. He talked to some of the leaders, heard testimonies, saw people praying and glorifying God, and his heart started to change.  

The next day, Berik tried praying. He declared his change of heart and his belief in God! He started attending church, playing sports with other believers, and being discipled. He is still on the beginning of the journey, and life is full of distractions, but our God is faithful. These are the young people our local leaders are investing in to become faithful followers of Jesus and leaders in their communities.   

Please pray for Berik, that he will grow in his faith, receive consistent discipleship, and be a light for others who have similar questions and struggles. Pray for the leaders as they disciple Berik and other young people like him in the ways of Jesus.  

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