Meet Badiha

02/01/2022 • Children's Initiative

Central Asia

Badiha is in eighth grade and the oldest of five children. Her family is poor, so her parents struggled to cover the cost for her to attend school. Badiha was eager to learn, so she moved to her uncle’s house in another city to attend a less expensive school.

She enjoyed learning at this other school, but she missed her family dearly. After a few years, she heard that her siblings had received help to attend a school in their city. She was curious to learn more, so whenever she got the chance to call her siblings, she asked them about this school. They told her about their schoolwork, Bible classes and church activities. Badiha felt an ache in her heart to join her siblings and learn what they were learning.

Finally, Badiha mustered up the courage to ask her parents if she could move back home to attend the school she’d heard so much about. Thanks to financial help from Partners Children’s Initiative, Badiha was able to return home and attend school with her sister and brothers. She participated in Bible classes and church on Sunday and learned things about Jesus she had never heard before.

As they talked about the Holy Spirit in one Bible class, Badiha realized that God truly cared about her. That day she traded her old life for new a life in Christ! Every day, she talks to God and wants to depend on Him and His plans for her future.

Join us in celebrating Badiha’s new life in Jesus. Pray for her to continue to trust in God and have the boldness to tell others about Him. We thank God for you and others like you who give to the Children’s Initiative so that children like Badiha can receive a quality education and learn about Jesus and the Bible.

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