Meet Arfaana

07/15/2022 • Children's Initiative

Arfaana is a young Pakistani girl who faced tragedy at an early age. When she was eight years old, her mother grew ill and passed away after a couple of months. Her father remarried, and they started living with her new stepmother who did not treat Arfaana fairly.

One day, Arfaana’s brother had severe kidney pain, and doctors informed their family he had a serious disease that needed surgery. Their family was too poor to afford medical treatment, so her brother also passed away!

Arfaana’s father lived with much guilt after his son’s passing. One day he got into a motorcycle accident and obtained injuries that made him unable to work. Their family suffered and struggled to pay rent. All seemed hopeless, until an indigenous leader provided them with an opportunity that would change their lives forever.

At the encouragement of our indigenous leader, Arfaana and her family moved to a city 25 hours away where her father obtained a job as a cook in a local Christian hostel. With the help of the Christian leader, Arfaana started school and began living with other girls in the hostel. She would attend evening prayer meetings, which is where she first heard the gospel and placed her faith in Jesus.

Arfaana completed high school and just received acceptance to college. She wants to become a teacher to serve oppressed people in her community. She is still living at the hostel and strives to help the children in her community. She loves to tutor them and help them learn to pray.

Arfaana thanks God for being her ultimate provider. He has restored her dreams. Without God’s help and her faith, she knows her life would be full of pain and sorrow. Instead, her life is full of hope and a future!

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