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Meet Adya

11/01/2022 • Children's Initiative

The Children’s Initiative is a ray of hope for many children in poor and underprivileged parts of our world. Instead of becoming a school dropout, these children can receive a good future, and more importantly, they get to hear about hope in Jesus. One of those beneficiaries is Adya.  

Adya comes from an extremely poor family in India. Her father was a day laborer and struggled to provide for their family of six. Adya was receiving support for schooling, but the support ended a few years ago. Her parents were concerned about Adya and her siblings’ futures.  

By God’s grace, the family was introduced to one of our ministry partners who cares about the needs of the poor. The mother took their vocational training course and learned how to work as a tailor and do embroidery. Upon graduation, she was gifted with a sewing machine. The mother now teaches sewing classes and makes money to help support their family. 

Through the family’s relationship with our ministry partner, they learned about the Children’s Initiative and enrolled both Adya and her older sister into school. Adya has now completed grade 10, and her sister is in college. Their father was able to stop working as a day laborer and is now an evangelist and leader of a local church.  

All this is thanks, in part, to your gifts to Partners and to our Children’s Initiative. Thank you for your partnership to give hope to children like Adya and to help share the love of Jesus with the least reached. Pray for Adya and her family as they share the light of Jesus with their community. 

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