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Meet Adamu

10/31/2022 • Children's Initiative

In a village in East Africa, Adamu lives with his mom, a struggling alcoholic. Life isn’t easy for Adamu; his mom isn’t able to keep a job and provide for their family. This spring, he finished primary school, but he wasn’t sure if he would be able to go to secondary school because of school fees and having to care for his mom. He took odd jobs to provide food for his family, but through all this, Adamu believed in God and knew God would take care of him. Adamu had faith that God would provide.  

After applying for scholarships and not receiving any help, he heard about a school run by one of our ministry partners that assists students with school fees. He visited the school and waited outside the administrator’s office.  

Finally, after a long time, he was called into the office. The administrator asked if he was hungry, and when Adamu said yes, he promptly sent him to the dining hall to get a hot lunch. After lunch, he went back to the office and told the administrator his story. The administrator took pity on his situation and enrolled him in the Children’s Initiative program.  

Adamu has learned a lot through his trials and now too through the education he is receiving. He always begins his day with prayer and Bible reading. He told another student, “This school is one of the best things to happen to me. It is an answer to my prayer, an open door for me to achieve my dreams.” 

Adamu is grateful for this opportunity to continue his education and be equipped to one day be able to help his mom and give back to his community. Your support allows children like Adamu to receive an education and grow in their Christian walk. 

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