A Coffee Shop Divine Encounter

Coffee shops have taken over Indonesia’s cities and towns, to the point where you can find one on almost every street. But because there is such an excess, many of them sit empty. Employees sit with nothing to do, waiting for people to come in. One of the leaders of our partner, Arief, was walking […]

House Churches in Indonesia

Andika and his family are members of a local house church. One day, Andika’s brother-in-law, Siti, stopped by for a visit. That same day, Andika was hosting church in his home. Siti and his wife agreed to join the meeting and heard the gospel for the first time. That day they both placed their faith […]

Physical and Spiritual Salvation

Vikal is a farmer and plantation owner in Southeast Asia. One of our indigenous leaders shared the gospel with him, and Vikal believed and placed his faith in Jesus. He was so eager about his new faith that he was baptized, joined ministry trainings and started sharing the gospel with his family. Only some of […]

The Relentless Gospel

In a rural village in the rainforest of Indonesia, Wina was at the end of her rope. Between caring for her husband in his mental illness and providing for their three children, she was beyond exhausted. Not a single relative helped her, and she had no community supporting her. Life for Wina looked hopeless, and […]