Once the Capital: Now a Ghost City

The former capital city of Khartoum has become a ghost town with public buildings, hospitals, schools, utilities, museums, anything to do with the government destroyed. Many thousands of people, Muslims and Christians alike, have been killed. Millions have fled to neighboring countries, only to end up merely existing in a crowded refugee camp, their only […]

A Mocker’s Life Changed

Sometimes it’s the people who seem the farthest from Jesus who most need Him. Baako is one of those people. Baako’s nephew, Samuel, is one of our indigenous leaders in West Africa. Baako used to mock Samuel for following Jesus, but Samuel did not lose hope. He continued to pray for his uncle and trusted […]

Pastor Kato Released from Prison

In August 2018, Pastor Kato and three other pastors were arrested in South Sudan and falsely accused of organizing a mass stoning of a woman. After years of frustration and patience, working with different lawyers to bring their case to court and hearings getting pushed back, this case seemed hopeless. There seemed to be people […]

From Idol Worshiper to Jesus Follower

We serve a God who heals, and He makes a way for people to know Him through His miraculous powers. We’ve seen that to be very evident in East and West Africa. Some of our indigenous leaders in Ghana were traveling and sharing the gospel from house-to-house. They met Kojo, a 71-year-old man, who had […]

The Multiplication Process at Work

In the lowlands of Chad, the Lord is moving among the unreached Bua people. The Bua are a nomadic group that follow a blend of Islam and animism. One of our local leaders, Abdu, served this people group for the past few years, sharing the gospel with them. During that time, he discipled new believers […]