Meet Akim

In the heart of Uzbekistan, a local leader, Akim, learns a hard lesson as he navigates the tensions of faith and family in Central Asia. Over 28 years ago, Akim embraced Christianity, a decision that went against his culture and divided his family. Because of his faith in Jesus, Akim’s uncle declared, “You are no […]

Prayers for the Police

Pakistan is a Muslim country with high persecution of believers. Many Jesus followers are scared to proclaim their faith – knowing their beliefs can lead to death. However, we are seeing many bold leaders who feel called to proclaim the name of Jesus, despite the severe consequences. Some of our leaders were traveling through Pakistan […]

Men and Women in Pakistan

Pakistan is a strict Muslim country with high persecution of Jesus followers. In the midst of fear, men and women are responding to the gospel of Jesus and gathering to worship God. Fazli is a Pakistani man of Muslim background. A friend shared the gospel with him, and the message of Jesus stuck with Fazli. […]

The God of Reconciliation

The name of Jesus can reconcile and bring peace. People are desperate for the hope found in Jesus, and He is using leaders to help advance His gospel in Central Asia. A couple in Central Asia recently received training to share their faith, and they felt called to become missionaries in their own country. On […]