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House Churches in Indonesia

08/24/2022 • Southeast Asia

Andika and his family are members of a local house church. One day, Andika’s brother-in-law, Siti, stopped by for a visit. That same day, Andika was hosting church in his home. Siti and his wife agreed to join the meeting and heard the gospel for the first time. That day they both placed their faith in Jesus! 

Siti lived a distance away, but he would call Andika to talk about Jesus and learn more about the faith. A leader from Andika’s church traveled to Siti’s home to disciple them. During that visit, he also baptized Siti, his wife and their son! 

After being baptized and meeting with the leader, Siti and his wife felt encouraged to share the salvation message with others. They immediately faced opposition and rejection. 

Despite this, Siti and his family remain eager to share their faith. The good news of Jesus is truly too good not to share! Many people are slowly welcoming conversations about the gospel. Pray that the villagers will grow in knowledge and faith in Jesus. 

Across Indonesia, small house churches are popping up. Day by day, person by person, sharing the gospel awakens them to the forgiveness of sin and new life available in Jesus Christ. The Partners Fund supports indigenous leaders at the forefront of pioneering church movements in least reached regions such as Southeast Asia. 

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