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Hope For Gaza

The current conflict in the Holy Land has reached unprecedented levels of intensity, presenting immense challenges. Around 850 Christians remain in Gaza–20 of these are from Muslim-background. Our partners know these individuals personally and have spent time worshipping with some of them.

Sadly, we have lost 23 believers in Gaza, including a mother and daughter who were shot and killed in the church courtyard, and the church’s piano player who was shot while checking on her home during what was supposed to be a two-hour cease fire.


The Lord is actively at work in Gaza. Our partners fervently pray “for life to emerge from death,” and we are witnessing answers to those prayers. Despite facing immense fear, the church in Gaza is pursuing the Prince of Peace with unwavering faith. Even in the midst of gunfire and bombs, people have noticed a sense of peace in the believers. They are intrigued by their faith and are asking questions about Jesus.

Remarkably, 20 Muslim-background believers scattered throughout Gaza are standing strong in their faith and building the faith of other Jesus followers. They’re holding onto the truth that the Lord is their Shepherd. They tell about very real encounters with the Holy Spirit in their darkest moment, providing comfort and strength in their time of need.


We have been able to help in tangible ways. We helped a few believers start a simple bakery to provide employment opportunities and fresh bread for the community. The children are very fearful, so our partners have initiated two new children’s ministries to offer hope to the children and their families.

Believers remind us that your prayers and support are invaluable during these horrific times in the Holy Land. We know that even in the darkest moments, the light of Jesus will prevail.

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