From Idol Worshiper to Jesus Follower

03/01/2022 • East & West Africa

We serve a God who heals, and He makes a way for people to know Him through His miraculous powers. We’ve seen that to be very evident in East and West Africa. 

Some of our indigenous leaders in Ghana were traveling and sharing the gospel from house-to-house. They met Kojo, a 71-year-old man, who had been bedridden for months. He had pain and a crawling sensation in his stomach but did not know what caused it. Kojo sought healing from shrines, sorcerers and idols, but nothing helped. His condition worsened in time, but doctors still could not detect any medical issues. In fact, the doctors believed the pain was a spiritual cause, not a physical illness. 

Remembering the doctor’s diagnosis, Kojo was excited that our team visited him. Our leaders shared the gospel with Kojo and prayed for him. Jesus completely healed Kojo!  

Stunned by his miraculous healing, Kojo told them that he had worshipped idols for his entire life. He asked the indigenous leaders to destroy the idols, so he could fully surrender his life to Jesus. The leaders gave him an audio Bible, so he could listen to the Word every day. 

Jesus, the name above every name, is being proclaimed, and people are turning to Him above other gods. Thanks to God’s intervention and your generosity, our indigenous leaders are advancing the gospel to the least reached, and more people are meeting Jesus for the first time! 

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