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From Goat Herder to Active Learner

05/30/2023 • South Asia

Ganesha is a 6th-grade student in India who used to find school boring. Despite his parents’ aspirations for his future, Ganesha didn’t see the value of education and didn’t bother with his studies. He preferred spending his time with his goats and fishing at the dam. Unfortunately, his story is not unique in rural India, where many students drop out of school.  

However, Ganesha’s life took a turn when his parents learned about one of our partner schools that is supported by a local church. This school plays a crucial role in reducing dropouts by providing students with additional support and encouragement to continue their education. 

Through his new school, Ganesha found a renewed interest in learning. He now sees the value of education and is more engaged in his studies. The lessons are explained much better, and he doesn’t want to miss a day of school now! He is even actively participating in Sunday school and memorizing Bible verses. 

Ganesha went from being a goat herder to an active learner, demonstrating the power of education and the importance of community efforts to reduce dropout rates. 

Ganesha’s story highlights the significant role that education plays in improving the future of rural children in India. By providing additional support and encouragement, our ministry partners are helping   students realize the value of education, inspiring them to pursue their dreams, and encouraging them in their faith.

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