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Friendship and Opportunity

Our God is intentional and interested in every detail of our lives. 

Two of our indigenous leaders in the Middle East are a Christian couple who prayed for people in their country during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. They asked God to bring people with whom they could share the gospel and disciple.  

A little later when they were watering their plants in the front yard, a woman walked by who recognized them. She introduced herself as Aisha, and they quickly remembered her from five years before. As they continued talking, they remembered many fond memories and times they had serving at the youth center which Aisha had attended. 

Aisha shared that she was now married and had two young children, but that her family was going through difficult times. She and her husband were both unemployed and struggled to provide for their family. Their marriage was suffering, and they even considered separating. The couple was heartbroken by Aisha’s story and asked if they could pray for her. They prayed for her, her children, marriage and their jobs. They asked God to bless and provide for every need. They invited Aisha to visit them again. 

Several days later, Aisha did visit them, bringing her two sons along. The couple shared the gospel and read the Bible with Aisha and her sons. They sensed God leading them to offer Aisha a part-time job assembling material for their little business. She was so grateful for their friendship and this opportunity. 

Since starting her job, Aisha drops off the material at the couple’s house every week. This gives opportunities to read Scripture and pray together. God has provided a rekindled friendship, a new job and ministry opportunities.    

Your generosity and prayers have a significant impact! God is equipping leaders across the globe, and people, like Aisha, have the opportunity to hear the gospel. 

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