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Equipped to Share His Faith

03/07/2022 • Southeast Asia

Meet Adi! Adi is a 45-year-old man from Indonesia who has been a believer for over five years. When his family heard he converted to Christianity, they all disowned him. Recently, his grief heightened when he discovered that his father had passed away. 

Adi has struggled being separated from his family, but he knows the truth found in Jesus is worth the loss. He continually tries to stay in touch with his family, but he has had no response – until now!  

Adi’s younger brother is finally ready to reconnect with him. When some of our indigenous leaders asked if he was ready to share the gospel with his brother, Adi did not think he was equipped to share his faith. 

Our leaders encouraged Adi to join their Bible study and discipleship training to learn God’s Word and tools to share his faith. He knows Matthew 28:18-20 to be true and desires every nation, tribe, people and language to proclaim the name of Jesus. 

Adi loves the Lord and understands the need to share his faith with others. With God, we know all things are possible, so join us in praying for our indigenous leaders as they equip Adi with the tools to proclaim the gospel to his friends and family.  

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