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Cultivating Spiritual Growth & Academic Success

05/30/2023 • Southeast Asia

A partner school located in a remote area of northern Myanmar is home to 36 children who have faced incredible challenges. These children are among the some of the poorest in Myanmar, leaving many homeless and without access to education. The school was established to provide these children with a safe place to live and learn. 

Despite the difficult circumstances, the children have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to their studies. Denpo is a boy who started attending the school and did not know a word of Chinese. Through hard work and determination, Denpo learned quickly and even surpassed some other students. In just two years, Denpo has learned to communicate in simple Chinese and has excelled academically, passing three exams with flying colors. 

While the children’s academic achievements are impressive, the staff are even more excited about the opportunity to nurture the children’s spiritual growth. This year, they plan to encourage the children to read the Bible and pray, both individually and in groups. They hope that the teachings will enter the children’s hearts and bring about positive changes in their everyday lives. 

The children have already shown incredible strength and determination in the face of adversity. As they continue to learn and grow, the staff asks that you keep them in your prayers. Ask God to give the students humble and teachable hearts, and that He will provide them with the strength to lead these precious children. 

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