Building Faith-filled Futures 

05/30/2023 • Southeast Asia

A partner orphanage located in Vietnam provides a safe haven for children who have lost their parents. While the home has faced many challenges over the years, the power of faith and the support of the community have helped the children thrive. These children are given a place to live, an education, and teachings about God.  

One of the many joys of supporting these children is seeing the older children serving the younger generation. Recently, the younger children participated in Vacation Bible School, and the older children were trained to help the VBS leaders. They studied the Bible for many weeks and grew a lot in their faith. The older children have been a positive influence on the younger ones. 

Two grade 12 students, Binh and Thanh, are at the top of their class. Their teachers praise them for their hard work, kindness and effort to overcome difficulties. Another student, Linh, has also shown tremendous growth and was baptized this year. 

Many struggles come with raising and teaching these orphans. They ask for your prayers to help them guide the children and show them God’s unconditional love. Through their unwavering faith and service to God, they will continue to inspire needy children and make a positive impact on future generations in Vietnam. 

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