A Mocker’s Life Changed

05/31/2022 • East & West Africa

Sometimes it’s the people who seem the farthest from Jesus who most need Him. Baako is one of those people.  

Baako’s nephew, Samuel, is one of our indigenous leaders in West Africa. Baako used to mock Samuel for following Jesus, but Samuel did not lose hope. He continued to pray for his uncle and trusted God to soften his heart toward the gospel. 

One day, Baako became extremely ill, and he sought guidance from doctors and medicine. Nothing seemed to help, and his condition only worsened. On his deathbed, Baako was desperate for help and asked Samuel for guidance.  

Samuel shared the gospel with his uncle, and read Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” This verse brought hope and breakthrough to Baako. He saw Jesus as a healer, protector and Savior. 

In that instance, Baako placed his faith in Jesus, and he was completely healed! Samuel prayed with him and gave him an audio Bible so he could continue to learn and grow in his faith. 

This is just one story of God’s consistent pursuit of His children. He is revealing Himself to people across East and West Africa, and people around the world. Many are encountering the life-changing grace of our God. 

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